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Acciona is a leader in providing sustainable solutions for infrastructure and renewable energy projects across the world. Its offer covers the whole value chain, from design and construction to operation and maintenance. With a presence in more than 40 countries, the Group develops its business activities based on the desire to contribute to economic and social development in the communities in which it operates.

Acciona executes its sustainability strategy through a Sustainability Master Plan, a road map containing all the initiatives of the Company in this field. The aim of Acciona is to lead the transition towards a low-carbon economy, bringing quality criteria and innovation processes to all projects in order to optimize the efficient use of resources and respect the environment.

Energio is an Energy Service Company (ESCO) with integrated solutions:

Energio is dedicated in producing energy savings without any investment, through the implementation of LED technology, Autotransformers, Building Automation, Telemetry, Remote Management and Maintenance, among other services in energy efficiency. Energio model of turnkey projects, with installation and maintenance, provides savings from the very first moment, without technological nor financial risks.

Energio provides energy services in a specific installation or building, in order to achieve savings with the implementation of measures to improve energy efficiency and generation that entail savings of energy consumption.

IKUSI is a business group located in San Sebastián, Spain, which develops activity in the field of technological engineering and development for digital business transformation. The parent company was founded more than 45 years ago. Besides its presence across the whole of Spain, IKUSI currently has extensive international coverage.

Ikusi’s focuses its activity around different business areas: Integration and Engineering Projects: Business knowledge aimed at transforming companies. Specialized Business Solutions: Specialized business applications oriented towards the digital transformation of different sectors. IT Telecommunications Networks: Design, implementation and administration of telecommunications technology and infrastructures. Advanced Electronics Technology: Design and manufacture of electronic components and associated services.

With nearly 60 years of continuous growth and a presence in more than 50 countries, Elecnor has become one of the most outstanding Spanish business groups and a benchmark in the infrastructure, renewable energy and technology sectors. Business diversification has been one of its strategic aims throughout its history, enabling its involvement in a number of industries which range from electricity, gas, industrial plants, railways, telecommunications, water, control systems, construction, the environment and installation maintenance to aerospace engineering.

Its strong international outlook has helped it sustain a continuous expansion process, which has unlooked the doors to new markets around the world, namely Central America, South America, Africa and the Middle East.

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