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American Business Research

Pioneering and advancing the latest technologies around the globe for over 25 years

ABR assists emerging and established companies to gain a high level of confidence and understanding of the project’s challenges and opportunities. ABR provides innovative solutions and close any information gaps. We help clients solve business, regulatory and operational problems throughout the entire business cycle.

For the past 25 years, ABR and its global network of multinational partners have been involved in the planning, construction design, mainte-nance and preservation of a wide variety of infrastructure around the world, including railways, bridges, buildings, tunnels, hospitals, airports, runways, as well as carriage ways and motorways.

ABR offers customers with a full range of  integrated solutions. We are dedicated to producing energy efficiency without any investment, through the implementation of LED technology, Autotransformers, Building Automation, Telemetry, Remote Management and Maintenance, as part of the energy optimization.

ABR is the world leader in developing and implementing cutting-edge and know-how transportation infrastructure solutions for private and public entities. By developing infrastructure and deploying innovative transportation equipment, ABR is able to provide efficient and affordable transportation solutions to our customers.

Our Partners

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