About Us

American Business Research Inc. (ABR) has been pioneering and advancing the latest technologies in infrastructure, transportation and energy development for over 20 years. Headquartered in the United States, ABR works in conjunction with the best-in-class companies to provide engineering, procurement, construction, maintenance and project maintenance services to industrial and infrastructure segments, airports, railroad, oil and gas industries and the government. ABR offers innovating proprietary technologies and expertise to address governmental and private client’s processes and challenges.

Our experts and worldwide partners utilize the best possible data packages to quickly process modeling and combine the best available technologies and develop new process technologies.
ABR’s procurement, engineering and construction assignments are driven by each client’s particular needs. ABR’s team closely coordinates all phases of development, including coordination between Client’s engineering, suppliers, licensors, construction and the start-up teams for a planned turnover.

ABR’s unmatched people, broad knowledge and vast network of exceptional resources provide the most innovative and best integrated solutions for capital efficiency and project quality and completion certainty.